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[sponsor=/4gr/mesto_120x20.png] Орфография английского языка считается одной из самых трудных для изучения среди индоевропейских. Известный лингвист Макс Мюллер назвал английскую орфографию «национальным бедствием».
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 Colloquial & Business English

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Hello! I am a highly qualified English teacher (seventeen-year experience). I practice intensive colloquial & business dialogues via SKYPE (adastra75), and not only. 2 MD: teacher – interpreter, business development & HR management. I will help you to pass the exams, have an interview with a native speaker, translate documents from/into English, making tests. Grammar is practiced very intensively on the basis of easy theoretical schemes with the next drilling in speech. I am looking for a job as well either in Moscow or in Europe. Opportunities for classes: Moscow, Domodedovskaya (13 minutes on foot), SKYPE or your office. Julia: 8-903-141-05-45, 392-89-75

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